Cal vs. Stanford: An Objective Comparison

(Taken from California Monthly, February 1995, published by the California Alumni Association)

Height of Hoover Tower, in feet: 285
Height of Campanile: 307
Percentage of robber barons among Cal's founders: 0
Among Stanford's founders: 100
Number of volumes in the Berkeley Library: 8,000,000
In the Stanford Library: 6,300,000
Number of foreign languages offered at Berkeley: 52
At Stanford: 30
Number of musicians in the Cal Band: 164
Number of students who mill around holding musical instruments in the Stanford Band: 140
Number of elements in the periodic table named after UC Berkeley or its faculty: 3
Number of elements named after Stanford or its faculty: 0
Percentage of Stanford freshman class given admissions perference because their parents attended Stanford: 11
Percentage of Cal students who get such ``legacy'' preference: 0
Number of years during which Stanford students could drop a course on the day of the final or repeat a course for a better grade without penalty: 24
Percentage of all Stanford grades last year that were A's or B's: 90+
Amount that the Office of Naval Research accused Stanford of overbilling the government for ``research-related'' costs like depreciation on a yacht and flowers for the president's mansion: $185 million
Estimated amount that Stanford spent on auditors to check its books after the scandal broke: $23 million
Amount that Stanford eventually returned to the government after the audit: $1.2 million
Tuition at Stanford: $18,669.00
Tuition at Cal: $0.00
   ( Fees at Cal: $4,621.50 )
Cost of annual membership in the Stanford Alumni Association: $75
In the Cal Alumni Association: $40

(Note that some figures may have changed since this information was published. The Campanile, however, is still taller than Hoover Tower.)

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