Life as a Grad Student

The Top Ten Lies Told by Graduate Students

  1. My job prospects look really good.
  2. The Department is giving me so much support.
  3. I just have one more book to read and then I'll start writing.
  4. I turned down a lot of great job offers to come here.
  5. No really. I'll be out of here in only two more years.
  6. Your latest article was so inspiring.
  7. I could never date an undergraduate.
  8. My work has a lot of practical importance.
  9. I'd be delighted to proofread your book/chapter/article.
  10. It doesn't bother me at all that my college roommate makes $80,000 a year on Wall Street.

The Top Five Lies Told by Teaching Fellows

  1. My other section is much better prepared than you guys.
  2. Think of the midterm as a diagnostic tool.
  3. It doesn't matter what I think; write what you believe.
  4. Call me any time; I'm always available.
  5. I'm not going to grant any extensions.

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